😱Supernatural Con Artists: From Sexy Weredolphins to Ridiculous Hags😱


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Mermay 2021 Winner

Speaking of mermaids… From MTV’s Catfish to Netflix’s Tinder Swindler, you’re probably now so overwhelmed with tales of con men and scammers to the point these crooks are too boring. At worst, they break your heart and take your money (much like the IRS). The supernatural world, on the other hand, is full of swindlers that put their real life counterparts to shame. After all, mermaids are the original catfishes luring thirsty sailors to their demise. Yet there are even more creepy and bizarre mythical con artists, the likes of which we’ll cover below.


The Encantado are dolphin-men or weredolphins found in the Amazon and are known for helping fishermen to safety during storms and saving those who are drowning. Pretty kind fellows, eh? However, they’re also known for having power over storms. 🤔 Hmm, somethings starting to smell fishy…are they just saving people from storms they caused for the brownie points? The Encantado are also party animals. When the nightlife gets going, they transform from a pink river dolphin into an attractive young man in white garments (but they have to wear a hat of some kind to hide their unchanged blow hole), hit up the local party, proceed to dance the night away. Pretty harmless, right? Except that’s when they seduce and kidnap young women! There might be a lesson somewhere here about avoiding men who wear fedoras at a party… (we kid!)

Encantado Supernatural Cryptid Weredolphin


The Jorōgumo is a species of Golden Orb Weaver spiders. Ack! Spiders! But for the most part, they’re not so bad, they live to 400 years old harmlessly eating insects. However, those that do reach the big 4-oh-oh develop magical powers. So what does a spider do when it develops magical powers? Upgrade to eating humans, of course! Mature Jorōgumo can transform into a beautiful young lady to entice young men into her home. Once there, Jorōgumo will play a Biwa (a Japanese lute) to distract the young men while she binds them in spider silk ready to be her next meal. While they used to make their nests in caves or forests near waterfalls, they’re now even known to do their thing in the middle of busy cities. Maybe next time you’re in Tokyo and a lady tells you about what she did with a lute that one time at band camp, don’t let your curiosity get the best of you. In fact between the Encantado and the Jorōgumo, maybe it’s a good rule of thumb to just avoid attractive people.

Jorōgumo Japanese Spider Monster

La Tunda

Okay, this one is just ridiculous, but here we go. La Tunda is a very ugly woman who smells horrible, is clothed in rags, and looks dead. However, she can shapeshift into loved ones to lure people into the mountains or the jungle. She’s not the best shapeshifter as she has a peg leg that is a molinillo (a hot chocolate whisk). That isn’t even the craziest part of her story, here comes the rollercoaster! Once she has her victims where she wants, she feeds them shrimp and crabs that she farted on or that are cooked in her butt (we hope something was lost in translation, as we’re not making this up...). Somehow this seafood boil hypnotizes her victims and then she shapeshifts into an attractive woman (this is all overkill by this point, a nice seafood boil would’ve been enough to win our hearts). Her victims fall in love with her, never wanting to join humanity again. The only way to save the victim is for their mother, father, godmother, godfather, friends and a priest to come to the rescue with drums, guns, and prayers. Good luck with that!

La Tunda Ridiculous Supernatural Monster

Hopefully we’ve equipped you to protect yourself from supernatural tricksters. If not, you can always call the Ghostbusters or the Winchester brothers. Or, you know, run!

Supernatural Sam and Dean Winchester Funny

Or better yet, run with Sam and Dean

With love, peace, and mermaids,

Eric and Sophie

Image Source (top to bottom): Instagram, Mermaid Wiki, Yokai, Espooky Tales, GIPHY

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