We at Pop Goes The Mooli (or PGTM for less of a mouthful) are creators, curators, and connoissuers of all things weird, wacky, and wild. That's a schmancy way of saying we like funky stuff, and we want to share that funky stuff with you! Our items are for those who believe that sometimes we just gotta take a moment or two for some silliness. We create our own exclusive designs which are manufactured by production partners we have carefully vetted, and we curate swanky items from around the world that matches our DNA. We hope you'll find something in our collection that makes you laugh or smile. And should you decide to purchase our products, get ready to hear a lot of "Hey! Looking schwifty! Where'd you get that?!"

We think it's more fun to buy stuff from real down to earth folks rather than some guy called Jeff, so we're Sophie and Eric, pleased to meet ya!

Here's a little bit about us! I'm the artist, curator, and ideas gal, and Eric is the wordsmith, tech guru, and operations guy. I'm British from a quaint little village in the North of England, and Eric is American from a quiet Southern Californian suburb. We met in Manchester, UK, and eventually moved first to Los Angeles and then to New York City (our dream city of almost 10 years!!). You'll see a bit of those influences in some of our stuff (for example, our California Dreamin', The Big Apple, and Little Britain collections). When we're not busy designing or tracking down new goodies to bring you, we're exploring the streets of Manhattan hunting down the elusive pizza rat!


A mooli, as explained by Wikipedia, is a mild-flavored winter radish usually characterized by fast-growing leaves and a long, white, napiform root. In Chinese, the word for mooli ("luobo") sounds a teeny bit similar to the the word for wife ("laopo"), so mooli has been Eric's pet name for me. When we conceived the brand, we were thinking pop culture vibes. We started bouncing ideas for names that included "pop", and "Pop Goes The Weasel" soon came to mind as something everyone is familiar with and that rolls off the tongue. Eric then suggested swapping weasel for mooli, and here we are!

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