🦸‍♀The 4 Most Ridiculous Superheroes🦸‍♂️


🦸‍♀The 4 Most Ridiculous Superheroes🦸‍♂️


YOU Make A Superhero!

Happy National Superhero Day! Sure, it’s a holiday originally created by a faceless corporation to sell more comic books, but it’s nonetheless also a great opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the real heroes in our lives. Those who serve and protect. Those who are there for you no matter what such as your parents or your best friends. We’d love if you let us know who is a hero in your life in the comments below! While we leave that to you, we’re going to share some unusual fictional heroes.

Color Kid

Ulu Vakk was an ordinary guy working at a local laboratory. One day at the lab, Ulu was struck by some interdimensional light. Replace “local lab” with “space lab” and “interdimensional light” with “cosmic rays” and you have the origins of the famed Fantastic Four. So what fantastic power did Ulu get? The power to alter the color of any object… So what do you do with such a power? Why of course you apply to the Legion of Super-Heroes! And get rejected… But no worries, Ulu was offered a place in the Legion of Substitute Heroes. All jokes aside, Color Kid made the most of his powers to do some good and was able to help in combat by camouflaging his teammates and distracting villains.

DC Comics Color Kid

Woo! Check out my colors! Who cares about being a loser when you’re this fabulous!

Squirrel Girl

Doreen Green was born with a squirrel tail. And for 10 years, she was just “that girl with a squirrel tail”. But then she discovered that she can communicate with squirrels which is great as communicating with humans quickly gets old. If that were me, I’d just be like “That’s pretty sweet!” and call it a day. Doreen, on the other hand, started fantasizing about using her abilities to help people. When she was 14, she managed to save Iron Man and defeat Doctor Doom (by mobilizing a hoard of squirrels to destroy Doctor Doom’s ship). Just after her fifteenth birthday, she saved Hulk from the Abomination. She would then go on to defeat Thanos (yes, THAT Thanos, although real or not is up for debate). Those are some pretty impressive achievements to put on her college applications.

Marvel Comics Squirrel Girl

Your next Halloween or furry convention costume?

Bouncing Boy

Charles Foster Taine also didn’t always have a “power” of any sort. Charles was an errand boy for a famous scientist who invented a super-plastic fluid. He was tasked with delivering this fluid to the Science Council, but in a clear violation of work ethics as well as any Health and Safety training, he took the fluid with him to a robot gladiator tournament. In the excitement, he took a swig from the super-plastic fluid, and the rest is history. Well, not really, he was still not particularly exciting and had just gained the ability to expand and bounce… Nonetheless, he leveraged this power for the greater good and eventually became a valued member of the Legion of Superheroes.

DC Comics Bouncing Boy

Tom Cruise? Is that you? Looks like he’s upgraded from running to bouncing.

Hindsight Lad

So unlike Color Kid and Bouncing Boy, this guy Carlton LaFroyge doesn’t actually EVER have a power, he just really wanted to be a superhero. He forced his way (by way of good ol’ blackmail) into the New Warriors and offered his “ability” to point out tactical errors during battle after the fact. He wasn’t taken seriously at first and was stuck with administrative tasks (as an aside, next time you’re stuck with annoying paperwork, just remember heroes gotta deal with it too!), but he was happy to just be contributing something. Hindsight Lad did eventually prove invaluable to the team with his computer skills and strategic planning. He was eventually granted full membership to the New Warriors and even shed the “Lad” part of his moniker.

Marvel Comics Hindsight Lad

That smug face you pull after successfully blackmailing your way into an elite club.

While we researched this list, it was clear that these superheroes are treated as jokes, but we don’t think they should be. As goofy as these superheroes might be, they have nonetheless stepped up to be heroes. They teach us that you don’t need to have super-strength or super-intellect to be a hero, you just need to make the most of what you have and do what you can to make the world a better place.

My Hero Academia Might

Now it's your turn! Stay ULTRA!

Eric and Sophie

Image Source (top to bottom): SCREENRANT, MARVEL database, Superhero Cocktails, MARVEL database, GIPHY

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