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Our Ultimate List of Best 420 Friendly AirBnBs

Woohoo, you’ve made it through a quarter of 2022! You have your music festivals booked for later in the year and are totally psyched, but you need some R&R stat! What a coincidence, 420 is coming up! Now that your friendly neighborhood plant is on your minds, what better way to spend a relaxing weekend than at a tree friendly AirBnB? It’s only natural. Lucky for your baked selves, we’ve curated a few just for you!

Snoop Dogg's Secret Stash

Snoop Dogg: here mam let me show you my secret stash

Mystic Portal

Alice was definitely on something in Wonderland, and we want some of whatever that was. Why don’t you let her take you on your spiritual journey at the Mystic Portal, a quaint Alice in Wonderland-inspired (very loosely) tree house in Colorado Springs. And if you want to go further down the rabbit hole, Garden of the Gods is right around the corner and ready to take you to another world.

Camp Laughing Grass

Perhaps as you enjoy one of nature’s great gifts, you also want to get back to nature. Camp Laughing Grass offers a truly relaxing retreat in the tranquil settings of Maine’s Lake Region. Stretch your legs and hike the secluded woods. And if it’s your sea legs you want to stretch, there is a river with beach and kayaks/canoes/floats which should do the trick. And when you’re ready for your laughing grass, all the apparatuses you need are provided onsite, so you can save your bag space for more important supplies.

Valkyrie Farm

For those of you who want a bit more substance to your getaway, then this unique experience is just for you! This AirBnB is set in a cannabis farm in Humboldt, CA, surrounded by green, open space nestled in a Redwood forest. What an environment to let loose in! The host offers a free guided tour of the farm including a fun and informative explanation of the cultivation process and the local cannabis history (and of course, free samples). While you’re here, there is a nearby Redwood Edible & Medicinal Plant Hike [https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/855920] that can be that cherry on top of your stay.

Gamer Stoner Pad

Maybe you’re not after anything exciting, and you just want somewhere different to let loose. Oh, and it’s gotta be cheap, right? So you can spend your greens on more greens. Well, this AirBnB is about as budget as you can get at $35/night! And did we mention it comes with an N64 with Mario Cart, Donkey Kong, etc.?

Hopefully this little diversion is giving you something to look forward to. Even if you can’t get away anytime soon, your green pals are sure to welcome you anytime in the year.

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Peace out and keep it rollin'

Eric and Sophie

Harold and Kumar

Aaaah...this scene brings me back to our first date.

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